Avalon Membership

A Transformative Structure for Community

Diverse Avalon Alliance memberships enable everyone to participate in projects and events for a sustainable future.  We are creating a local and global network that raises awareness and enables citizens, businesses, agencies and all kinds of professionals and trades to take effective action in improving their lives and communities.  There are specific benefits for each type of membership, which will expand as Avalon continues to grow its workforce and operationalize all its initiatives.  We thank you for your support and participation in making it happen!  

Individual professional trade membership in our Avalon guilds requires applicant qualification, as does business/ social enterprise affiliation. Public organization memberships are based on alignment, and general community memberships are open to everyone. Regional membership chapters serve a wide membership base that “thinks globally, acts locally”.  Avalon’s Global Outreach and ARC for Humanity network will help ensure communities all over the world can benefit and play a part, whatever their circumstances.

Membership Categories

Avalon Alliance is professionally-led by a Central Management and Advisory Council.  We foster project stakeholder engagement, learning for all ages and community-wide participation.   Numerous Avalon Chapters with community memberships, partnerships, working guilds and associations can form as projects and activities evolve in local regions.  Our vision for international expansion will be strengthened by establishing six Global Membership Offices for the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Ocean Islands.

There are four main categories of Avalon membership, as shown below.

General Community Membership

Avalon Alliance provides the free Quest E-News and Editorial subscription to anyone interested in learning more about our organization and initiatives, as well as issues of the day.

We encourage our community members to become fully registered, and thank you for your annual support in helping us grow and fulfill our mission. For our General Community membership, we will provide special discounts or rebates on Avalon learning programs, event tickets and future Ethical Market purchases. 

The Avalon Volunteer Stewardship Brigade and Love in Action Initiatives, as well as our community events, provide exciting opportunities for registered members to participate in making change in their region as well as internationally.  We will do our best to provide a meaningful experience that expands the knowledge and heart space of our volunteers.

The upcoming digital platform will also give registered members special access to an online World Cafe forum, as well as many resources to support personal growth and taking action to improve their lives, communities and the environment.

Public Organization Membership

Public organizations can align with us and participate as members of the Avalon Alliance too. We look for ways to cooperate and build capacity together, rather than operate in narrow silos or isolation.  Avalon seeks to create public-private partnerships (P3) for many of its SHIFT projects and community ventures, which always have substantial public benefits.

Avalon will keep its registered public organizations in the loop for project partnership potentials and service programs most relevant to each sector.  We have created a variety of organizational member categories, including:

  • International development agencies, institutes, NGOs
  • Federal, state or provincial government ministries
  • Municipal government departments
  • First Nations/ Inuit/ Metis/ Indigenous agencies
  • Schools, vocational colleges, universities, research institutes
  • Hospitals, health authorities and public health departments
  • Affordable housing and social outreach agencies
  • Environmental research and advocacy organizations
  • Places of worship and spiritual organizations
  • Community futures development, innovation accelerators 
  • Chambers of commerce,  professional trade associations
  • Tourism-related organizations
  • Public libraries, museums and conservatories
  • Community non-profits, charities and foundations

Business/Social Enterprise Memberships

We welcome other businesses, social enterprises and financial industry players aligned with Avalon’s health and sustainability values to enjoy the benefits of our educational marketing for qualified affiliates, as well as working together on exciting projects and community initiatives. 

The following five categories are available to apply for:
  • Avalon Ethical Market Affiliates will be featured with credible criteria in our upcoming online directory and showcase
  • Avalon Associates are pre-qualified into our Contractors Registry for Avalon project and services procurement opportunities
  • Avalon Suppliers are pre-qualified into our Ethical Sourcing Registry of green products and materials manufactured in a responsible way
  • Avalon Corporate Sponsors are community-minded funding partners for Avalon SHIFT projects, events and outreach causes
  • Avalon Financial Partners are investment companies or banking institutions that can provide capital for environmentally and socially responsible enterprises

Individual Membership
in Professional Trade Guilds

Membership in one of our professional trade guilds is based on the individual’s qualifications, experience and alignment with Avalon’s code of ethics and best practices.  Guild members enjoy doing valued work for the community and planet with good financial compensation and stimulating collegial relationships.  We have three main categories of guild member:  Apprentice, Qualified Skilled Practitioner, and Master Mentor.

If approved, the individual becomes a registered candidate within an Avalon Regional Chapter, and can be considered for part-time or full-time employment or contracts in upcoming projects, services and programs.  Avalon guild members can also initiate and refer new opportunities to our central Management and Advisory Council. After successfully completing an Avalon Alliance orientation, guild sector-specific training and examination, an individual can become an full Avalon Accredited Professional (AAP). See Avalon Academy page for more details on the program for guild members.

Please apply below for the one guild that is most applicable to your profession or trade.  As Avalon work is always interdisciplinary, we will take note of your other abilities and interests.  If your application is accepted for our Workforce Registry, you will become part of a guild in the Regional Chapter of your primary residence.  Guild members will also have the option to be available for work in other regions of the world, as may be needed and appropriate. 

Avalon Guild Application for New Members

Earth Stewardship Guild
Ethical Enterprise Guild
Eco-Technology Guild
Progressive Media Guild
Green Development Guild
Health & Wellness Guild
Arts & Culture Guild
Global Education Guild
Peace & Fellowship Guild

Would you like to renew your previous Avalon guild membership?