Exploring The New Frontier Of Science & Human Potential

Avalon Academy™ offers exciting learning experiences and deep knowledge representing a diversity of viewpoints to expand perceptions of what is possible for the next cycle of human civilization.  Avalon Academy enterprises will range from:

  • Developing subject enrichment programs and hands-on field studies for the school system and post-secondary education curriculum.
  • Interpretive communications, displays and interactive learning for Avalon Educational Discovery Centres, which are an integral component of our SHIFT development projects. Discovery Centre themes can include new science, cultural and natural heritage, sustainable living, eco-technologies and environmental conservation, among others.
  • Online learning programs for general public members, that will be offered as part of the World of Avalon platform initiative.
  • Online and live training programs for registered Avalon professional trade guild members.  A number of professional development courses and an exam must be completed to achieve full Avalon Accredited Professional (AAP) status.

Our educational faculty encourage a spirit of open-minded inquiry and mutual respect among participants in our online courses, live workshops and hands-on training.

" I firmly believe that all human beings have access to extraordinary energies and powers. Judging from accounts of mystical experience, heightened creativity, or exceptional performance by athletes and artists, we harbor a greater life than we know. "

- Dr. Jean Houston, professor and human potential luminary

New Earth Education Initiative

Avalon Academy aspires to transform education for all ages and abilities. We seek to cultivate the entire human potential by expanding the boundaries of exploration, while also making learning relevant to applied aspects of health and sustainability in local and global contexts.

Traditional liberal approaches to education, which trace their roots to the ancient Greeks and Renaissance period, have emphasized philosophical inquiry, broad-minded values and critical thinking. At the other end of the spectrum, modern education at its worst has become characterized by reductionism and rote learning, preparing students for specialized vocations in the corporate marketplace.

Avalon is part of a progressive movement to bridge the dichotomy between classical and technical pursuits by advancing a holistic framework of theory and practice. This new worldview integrates leading scientific discoveries and ecological design with global awareness and cross-cultural wisdom.  We explore the remarkable intelligence of the human heart for self-regulation, healing and compassion, not just brain logic and judgement.  Our educational, research and hands-on training initiatives focus on developing the personal and collective capacities for a conscious, sustainable society.

Avalon has been developing a School Residency and Field Studies Program for subject enrichment in multicultural arts, new science, health and sustainability, which we intend to make available to school district classrooms by fall 2020. 

Avalon Professional Guild Training

The Avalon guilds are a modern day adaptation of the medieval guilds that contributed to the advancement of certain trades and professions many hundreds of years ago. We still find great value in bringing individual practitioners together to build more knowledge and skills in their sector of expertise, while providing opportunities for interdisciplinary work with others on leading edge projects, service solutions and programs.  While a competitive marketplace can create innovation and efficiencies, it may also impede the higher learning and empowerment potential of more cooperative and collegial working structures like the guilds.

Avalon’s nine sector-specific guilds can become an extraordinary force in each region, providing strength in numbers to improve professional trade ethics and standards, and take action on issues that matter.  Moreover the guilds will benefit from learning Avalon’s unique sustainability framework,  methodologies and community sector best practices.  In Avalon, as in the ancient guilds, there are apprentices aged 16 years+, qualified skilled individuals, and master mentors.  The apprenticeship opportunities may be offered in collaboration with local schools, vocational colleges or universities.

We are building a guild registry of professionals and tradespeople pre-qualified for potential part-time or full-time work in Avalon projects, services or teaching engagements.  Registered guild members will also be encouraged to complete within a 3 year period our required coursework and exam to become an Avalon Accredited Professional (AAP).   Dates and venues for guild orientation and training programs will be determined once an Avalon Regional Chapter has enough guild members registered.

Apply to join one of Avalon’s Trade Guilds.

Avalon Educational Discovery Centres

All our comprehensively planned SHIFT projects will include an Avalon Educational Discovery Centre or an Avalon Rose Wellness Centre.  That is because we want our certified projects to have a sustainable impact that inspires and transforms the surrounding community.  Avalon Educational Discovery Centres are very multifunctional, providing project marketing, tourist attraction, interpretative services, neighbourhood amenity and educational demonstrations.  Our unique themes can range from alternative energy and green building to indigenous stewardship and world heritage protection. These satellite learning hubs will be interconnected through our ARC for Humanity network initiative. 

Avalon’s Educational Discovery Centres will always have some fun and imaginatively designed features, to appeal to people of all ages. They will also be important training hubs for Avalon Academy institutional partners, regional guilds and affiliated green technology and material suppliers.  Qualified business members of the Avalon Ethical Market and sponsoring organizations can gain even more public recognition and media exposure to related to the exhibits and programming of these regional facilities. 

Interested in expanding your worldview through Avalon Academy programs and training?

Global Education Guild

Avalon Academy invites pioneering school teachers, professors, scientific researchers, traditional knowledge keepers, inspirational workshop facilitators, youth leaders and institutional heads to join our Global Education Guild. These guild faculty members will collaborate with professional trades from other sectors to develop learning enrichment modules and field study support for schools, universities and vocational colleges.  Avalon has guild apprenticeship opportunities for ages 16+ and many other ways of helping existing institutions integrate emerging fields of knowledge and practice into their research labs and curriculum development.

As Avalon’s own initiatives and SHIFT project partnerships incorporate Educational Discovery Centres and exciting on-site learning opportunities, we have been developing a range of core Avalon programming.  However, customized courses and workshops can be created to reflect local cultural and natural heritage and region-specific sustainability challenges.  Our subject areas range from quantum field physics, advanced learning tools and new biology of epigenetics, to indigenous cultural traditions, design by nature and climate change adaptation.