Transforming Consciousness Through Expression

There is a need in modern society for more active and multi-sensory forms of learning, as well as community-building activities that expand our creative potential. Avalon can develop edutainment themed approaches to exploring new science, health and sustainability.  We also seek to incorporate diverse regional art forms in civic spaces, protecting both world heritage and contemporary expression. We design uplifting cultural facilities and outdoor venues that welcome people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Avalon Renaissance™ festive events celebrate our multicultural heritage and the changing seasons, while educating and raising awareness of social and environmental issues. Stage productions encourage some audience interaction and provide plenty of comic relief, while our informative events and workshops are thought-provoking and expand the creative potential of participants. Registered Avalon community members receive a discounted rate on admission tickets and may have opportunities to volunteer.  Some events may include a fundraising aspect towards a worthy local or global cause.

" Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever... If you can visualize it, if you can dream it, there is some way to do it! "

- Walt Disney, Animated Film Producer and Theme Park Developer

Design for Civic Cultural Spaces & Edutainment Theme Parks

In towns and cities that pre-date the industrial revolution, we see that architecture was an art form that reflected local history and natural landscape elements.  The world’s greatest building traditions incorporated the mysteries of sacred geometry, advanced masonry, and decorative carving and mural work.  In the modern era, design of the built environment is often overly functional and devoid of beauty, meaning and sense of place.  

We acknowledge that engineering efficiencies and affordability are certainly valuable considerations in the industrial design ethos.  However, there are other equally important criteria. If we are to once again create vibrant civic spaces and buildings with distinctive character, we must re-integrate the talents of our community artists and skilled tradespeople into the process of development or revitalization.  

Avalon applies additional natural, socio-cultural and aesthetic criteria into the design-build process to create an outstanding environment and user experience.   We find creative, resourceful ways of enhancing community spaces without incurring excessive costs. Our guild members integrate the beauty of mural painting, sculptures and other artisan works (stone, wood, metal, tile, stained glass) into town revitalizations and new developments. 

We also can bring great imagination to the planning and design of edutainment theme parks that expand learning and perception in an atmosphere of fun and social connection. While edutainment is often part of digital learning resources (video or gaming), Avalon believes there is also a real need for live music, costumed play, festive celebration and other activities in magical spaces that stretch our understanding and sense of what is possible.

Community Events & Workshops

The New Frontiers of Clean Energy event was a success! More Avalon-themed "Community Conversations" will continue into 2023 for the public!

The public was invited to this Avalon New Energy theme event at 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm on Saturday, November 16, 2019.  It was free of charge for everyone. The location was in the Great Room on the 2nd floor of Okanagan Regional Library, 1380 Ellis Street, Kelowna.  

New Energy means little-known inventions that could generate truly clean, low-cost power 24/7 anywhere, whether or not the sun shines or wind blows.  The variety of prototypes ranges from water-as-fuel systems and resonant electronic devices to innovative motor-generators using the power of magnetism to tap into the background energy of the universe.  

The event was well-attended and many people learned more about this breakthrough science in the local launch of a new book by Avalon management team member Jeane Manning and co-author Susan Manewich.  Hidden Energy: Tesla-inspired Inventors and Mindful Path to Energy Abundance chronicles emerging inventions, human struggles, and a paradigm change.  

Books hot off the press were available for sale and signing by Jeane, and can still be ordered through Amazon or directly through FriesenPress which offers Canadians a better price for the ebook (

The event also marked the launch of this 3rd edition of our Avalon Alliance website.  We will continue to hold more “Community Conversations” about our exciting work in developing learning and engagement opportunities for citizens and many sectors. The Avalon Alliance organization is founded on a holistic model of the universe and has an participatory approach to personal and societal change. Avalon’s unique sustainability and wellness framework is integrated with many practical applications of our leading edge paradigm, from regenerating the vitality of soils to building structures in harmony with nature.

We also catalyze community-wide energy conservation and efficiency such as our New Energy Initiative in Greenwood, BC in partnership with power utility FortisBC. For more information on this phased educational and action-oriented campaign, please see

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Avalon New Renaissance Faires

These exciting events being planned in Kelowna will consist of magical and educational activities such as a flamboyant horse parade, world music, sustainability expo, exciting tours and games, regional harvest cuisine and a masquerade ball. Don your favorite costume; you won’t want to miss it! 

More information coming soon!

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Arts & Culture Guild

The traditional artistic media expressed by our professional Arts and Culture Guild encompass music, dance, drama, painting, textiles, ceramics, sculpture and building crafts. Please note digital art, photography, writing, animation, video and film are included in our Progressive Media Guild.  Arts and Culture Guild members can work in creating actual events and on town revitalization, green development, workplace renovation and landscaping projects to integrate the beauty of mural paintings, sculptures and other artisan works.