Whole Health & Wellness, Inside & Out

Avalon’s mystic rose in our Mandala logo represents the flowering of soulful love and compassion in the human heart.  Whole systems health is also a fundamental aspect of community and global sustainability.  Avalon Rose™ integrates many wellness considerations into our comprehensive plans for all living and working environments.  Moreover, there is great need in society for uplifting facilities and services that express loving kindness and truly address the healing of body, mind and spirit.  For health restoration we are developing nature-inspired architecture, rejuvenating amenities, holistic medical therapies, heartwarming learning programs and energetic support.

" It's not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts... Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. "

- Mother Teresa, Catholic Saint and Humanitarian

Avalon Wellness By Design Approaches

The stresses, toxins and emotional dissociation of modern living are increasingly compromising our bodies and well-being. Our health crisis is systemic in origin, with cumulative effects ranging from poor diet and lifestyle factors to environmental diseases linked to the industrial economy and infrastructure. All Avalon SHIFT projects and service solutions seek to create energetic vitality, ecological balance, beautiful spaces and caring relationships in the greening of homes, workplaces, farms, neighbourhoods and larger city districts. 

For the health services sector, Avalon professional management and trades expertise can provide facility design-build or renovation with operational and programming support for medical buildings, therapy clinics, spa resorts and spiritual retreat centres.  Our wellness-focused design considers such elements as natural lighting, non-toxic materials, air and sound quality, EMF reduction, feng shui energetics, healing color palettes, sacred spaces, organic food greenhouse and garden integration.  For quality improvement initiatives in hospitals and assisted living facilities, we are up-to-date on the latest research and global precedents in effective primary and community care systems, innovative healing modalities and patient-centered approaches. 

Avalon Rose Wellness Centres

In 2020 we will offer our own state-of-the-art facility and programming brand that can be integrated into SHIFT mixed use developments, holistic retreat centres or resort projects, as Avalon initiatives or partnerships in regional chapters worldwide. Avalon Rose Wellness Centres will also become part of our ARC for Humanity vision.  Avalon’s global campus network will be comprised of a variety of satellite learning centres with educational discovery, world heritage and/or health restoration themes.

Avalon Rose Wellness Centres will offer exciting activity classes, health diagnostics, preventative and rehab therapies, and workshop retreats to assist members of all ages and abilities develop their greater potential. There will be a variety of membership options to choose from. Annual members will be supported by an interdisciplinary team of integrative medical professionals and holistic practitioners, with personalized coaching and therapeutic guidance to help them achieve their wellness and lifestyle goals.

In these beautiful facilities demonstrating green efficiencies and wellness design, we will also include Avalon signature educational programs for healing and harmonizing our inner and outer worlds.  Avalon Rose Wellness Centres can have culturally adaptive design and some local collaborative programming to reflect the world heritage traditions of each region.  

Avalon Signature Programs

Some of Avalon’s signature programs that will be offered are as follows:

  • Lighten Up Your Colours – introductory program of 9 modules to learn the latest thinking and techniques in chakra energy balancing and personal transformation. 
  • Awaken Your Soul Potential – advanced program of 6 additional modules to explore the subtle aspects of spiritual emergence, earth grounding, and accessing your higher abilities and purpose.
  • Health Recovery Intensive – special retreat program exploring healing fundamentals and therapeutic options for people with health challenges, which may range from motor vehicle accidents to diseases like cancer and diabetes.
  • Life Cycle Wellness – sessions assist the membership with meaningful transitions into adulthood, starting a family, menopause, retirement and dying with dignity.
  • Multicultural Health Traditions – series for members to learn from our diverse cultural heritages for preventive health care, herbal medicine, social well-being and nutritional cuisine.
  • Quantum Talk – extraordinary communication program with nature, the universe and each other, recognizing the inherent intelligence and connectedness of all life.
For any members that are not able to attend our signature programs at an Avalon Rose Wellness Centre or other designated venue, the upcoming World of Avalon platform will also have some wellness course offerings that can be accessed online with video conferencing.  

Lighten Up Your Colours

Join us on an exciting nine-part journey exploring mind-body-spirit wellness and the energetic basis for healing.  This certified workshop series teaches the first  “inside pathway” of our Avalon model, and will be team-taught in 2020 by members of Avalon’s Health and Wellness Guild in Kelowna, BC.  Venue, dates and program details will be available in the new year.

Module 1: Explore the Rainbow Energy Body 

Both ancient knowledge and modern research teach us that the human body has a torus-shaped electro-magnetic field and seven primary energy centres (chakras) relating to the visible light spectrum. These circular vortexes are located along the spinal column, and are also linked to various organs and glands. There are also more subtle spiritual and earth grounding centres, structures and flows that are part of the complete energy anatomy system, which we will learn about in our advanced program, Awaken Your Soul Potential.  Chakra functions influence  various aspects of our lives, and we can connect with these sacred energy centres to heal and transform ourselves.  

Our first session includes a theoretical overview of Avalon’s Colour-Energy Matrix with defined correspondences between our inner and outer worlds.  We discover that there is much we can do to resolve life’s problems by balancing and brightening our chakra colours.  In the practical sessions that follow, we will seek to enhance the seven main chakras to activate our true inner powers and awaken the mystical heart. 

Module 2: Energize your Life Force with Water, Nutrition and Herbs 

Explore the latest views on healthy diets and the nutritional importance of sourcing local organic food.  The benefits of alkaline, vitalized water are also explained, with reference to Dr. Emoto’s water crystal research and Viktor Schauberger’s vortex theories.  We will also go on a herb walk and learn about the healing properties of some local plants used by our ancestors and indigenous people.  We will practice gathering herbs with respect and intentionality, and then demonstrate how to prepare healing soups and tincture remedies.   

Module 3: Expand Your Awareness with Yoga and Breath

Originally an Eastern tradition, yoga is gaining popularity in the West for conditioning the body and teaching mindfulness and connection to earth and spirit.  We will learn about the ancient history of yoga as well as its medical benefits.  Some gentle postures and breathing techniques will be practiced to relieve stress and build strength and flexibility.  By becoming more aware in our body, we can be more present to ourselves and in all our relationships.

Module 4: Practice Clear and Authentic Communication 

Every aspect of our life will benefit from learning better communication, whether it be to improve family dynamics or enhance love and understanding with your partner.  Practice speaking your authentic truth in a way that is clear, warm and respectful.  We explore some of the leading schools of thought and techniques, ranging from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to non-violent communication.

Module 5: Open Your Heart with Energetic Bodywork

Experiment with the innate power of your heart and hands to bring healing to yourself and your loved ones.  Energetic and touch-based healing practices help us connect with our  emotions and higher soul self.  We will share the latest breakthroughs from the Heart Math Institute and the pioneering work being done by some of the world’s greatest healers.  We will also learn some hands-on techniques for healing touch, massage and re-alignment.

Module 6: Express Creativity and Heal with Sound 

Energy flows with creative dance, artistic expression and relaxing exercises like Tai Chi and Continuum Movement.  We will use toning, mantra chanting and singing techniques to enhance vocal healing.  We will paint with bright colours and enjoy playing drums and other instruments too.  We will also discover the profound resonance of spiritual sound tools like Tibetan bowls and tuning forks with our chakra energy centres.  A sense of collective unity and empowerment is created through sacred circle dancing.

Module 7: Create Intentional Space with Feng Shui

Feng shui literally translates as “wind-water”,  the ancient Chinese understanding of relationships between energetic life force, five natural elements,  individuals and their surrounding environment.  Our inner values, beliefs and projections are reflected in the outer world.  By consciously working with our immediate surroundings, we can help create more harmony and prosperity in all aspects of our life.  We will learn how to remove blocks to our success, and reinforce our positive aspirations.  While we will teach traditional space clearing techniques and the bagua map of feng shui analysis and placement, we will also access our own creative insight to uplift our home, garden and workplace environments.

Module 8: Cultivate Peace and Wisdom from Within

Universal knowledge and divine qualities like peace, joy, etc. are accessible to everyone through prayer and calling in the sacred names.  There are many ways of sensing and knowing through our intuition, the key is to listen and trust. We begin by practicing some meditation techniques to clear the mind and to centre and ground ourselves.  We then learn how to access the intuition of our soul self by experimenting with techniques like inspirational writing and muscle testing.  These tools are only intermediaries, however, and we will move on to listening directly to our inner voice guidance.

Module 9: Awaken the Mystical Heart of Compassion

While opening the heart allows us to feel connection and develop healthy relationships with others, there is the potential to awaken a higher heart frequency when all the chakras are  balanced and we are aligned with our soul self.  The mystical heart of compassion can flower with a more universal divine love that can pulse through our being.  This evokes sublime feelings of inner bliss and loving-kindness.  We will share some writings and spiritual practices of mystics, poets and humanitarians who exemplified this expanded rose-petalled heart.

Do you have a health facility or retreat resort that could benefit from our Wellness by Design approaches and therapeutic program support?

Health & Wellness Guild

The mission of the Avalon Health and Wellness Guild  is to provide many leading edge approaches that expand and transform personal growth, integrative medicine, community health care and wellness design.  The guild will consist of open-minded, collaborative individuals, which could include:  naturopaths, holistic nurses and medical doctors,  massage therapists, TCM doctors and acupuncturists, ayurvedic doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, registered midwives, biofield energy healers, holistic bodyworkers, counsellors, motivational wellness coaches, environmental health experts, art therapists, yoga teachers, creative movement facilitators, tai chi and gigong masters, sacred sound healers, spa therapists and designers, herbalists, indigenous healers, shamanic practitioners, holistic health educators and industry leaders.