earth stewardship and vitality for all living things

Current levels of pollution and chemical fertilizers are having adverse impacts on health and the environment, and depend on increasingly scarce resources that are usually controlled by multinationals (petroleum, urea, phosphate, etc.). Some intensive forms of agriculture using industrial farm manure and slaughterhouse by-products also contribute to pollution and can have health risks and animal welfare issues too. Common silicate rock dusts can be used to remineralize soils but most of these mineral elements cannot be readily absorbed by plants in degraded soil conditions. Determined to find a way to resolve these issues, Avalon has developed our own patent-pending Avalon Bio-Mineral Technologies.  Combined with leading edge environmental stewardship  and organic agricultural support services, we aim to have a global impact through the manufacture, distribution and application of these diverse products.  To save the planet we must restore healthy soil and water structure, and substantially improve the vitality and resilience of all humans, flora and fauna in the great circle of life . 

what it is:

A new class of non-toxic, user-friendly product lines combining rock/sea minerals with biological ingredients to rebuild the very foundation of agriculture: superior soil ecology fortified with a complete range of vital macro-minerals and trace elements. These novel composite “bio-minerals” also have derivative applications for forestry and ecological restoration, industrial pollution clean-ups, water treatment, animal/ fish feed and health supplements. Our product lines will be tailored to different regional soil types and technology application modes (liquid, powder, coated granular, hydroseed slurry, aerial seedling drop, etc.).

what it does:

These novel composite products cam dramatically improve food security, health and the environment in Canada. There is also vast export and branch plant or franchising potential fpr countries world-wide suffering from high levels of soil and water pollution, climate change, loss of forests and ecological diversity, declining crop yields and malnutrition. Avalon BioMinerals are wholly beneficial for health and the environment, regenerating soil structure and microflora to support uptake of a full spectrum of nutrients, while neutralizing toxins and conserving soil moisture at the same time. 

how it will help:

Manufacturing of our novel composite products will create clean tech jobs & improve food security in Canada, with vast export and branch plant or franchising potential for countries around the world. Scientific and industry research for many of our individual ingredients have already demonstrated exceptional plant growth rates and resiliency to stress and disease. Bioavailability will be optimized and other synergistic natural processes accelerated through our novel composite product composition and processing. These products are composed of widely available ingredients that can be ethically sourced using environmental and social justice best practices.

" Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself. "

- Chief Seattle